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Class Structure: (90 minute) weekly class, either at your school or at our center. We keep our class sizes small to ensure individualized attention and maximum engagement. 

Scientific researches have shown that children’s brain has developed over 95% by the age of 12. Therefore it is crucial to give the children proper training and stimulate to help their brain grow and develop.

Fun Mental Math is based on scientific research in neurology and psychology study to develop children’s brain and intelligence. It derives from abacus mental math, and trains the most crucial brain functions and cognitive skills, such as attention, observation, memory, imagination and reaction.

The whole program has 6 levels, which covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The content of each level is listed below:

  • Level 1: Addition/subtraction for 1-digit and simple 2-digit
  • Level 2: Addition/subtraction for 2-digit and 3-digit
  • Level 3: Multiplication
  • Level 4: Division
  • Level 5: Mixed calculation for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division
  • Level 6: Advanced mixed calculation for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division

Depending on the age and practice that a student puts into it, it may take up to two sessions to finish one level

Course Policy:

  1. The minimum number for one class is 4. The student/teacher ratio is no more than 8:1. We will staff more instructors if more students are enrolled.
  2. We accept students from first grade and up.